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Andy Campbell Consulting

Our proven track record over more than two decades speaks for itself

Garden Centre Consultants since 2001


Andy's clients, both past and present, value his broad knowledge and sector specific experience, together with a sharp business focus that provides insight and scrutiny relevant to the business issue under review. Here are just a few from more than 180 clients served over the last 20 years. If you would like to know more, please get in touch. Client references available on request.

# indicates previous role

Specialist Retail Nurseries:

Charlotte White - Thorngrove Garden Centre, EmployMyAbility

"Since engaging Andy's consultancy in 2022, we have received a great education in Garden Centre retailing. With a new team at the helm, we are a more efficient and robust outfit two years later.

From the start, we really liked Andy's straight-talking approach, which along with his extensive experience in the garden centre world gave us the confidence to strip back and start again. It's not been a painless exercise, but it's one which has brought great pride and ownership to our teams.

We are still working hard under Andy's mentorship towards our future vision, but we can see that his guidance continues to be effective and essential as we continue working towards our goals."

Neil & Laura van der Wee – Brick Kiln Garden Centre

“Andy has worked with us at Brick Kiln Garden Centre for over 15 years advising on all aspects of the business including: marketing, trading, operational issues and personnel management. He now works very closely with the next generation; very much in a mentoring and coaching support role and as a ‘sounding board’ for business developments. Under Andy’s guidance the business has grown significantly and I would suggest others would benefit hugely from using his services.”

Edward Gowler – Skylark Garden Centre, Café, Lakes and Events

“Andy has worked with me for many years now. Starting with an in depth business review and benchmarking exercise, followed by creation of a rolling strategic development plan; he now supports me and my team with the ongoing review and implementation of this plan. I would have no hesitation in recommending Andy to any horticultural retailing business.”

Charles Willett – Olivers Nurseries

“I have known Andy for many years now. In fact when he was at Homebase we used to deal with him supplying wallflowers! Andy has very successfully chaired a group of independent nurseries and garden centres that I have been a member of for a number of years. He now supports me with the development of the business, in particular, mentoring my son and coaching the team. He is well respected by all of us at Olivers and I have no hesitation in recommending him to other businesses like ours.”

Single Independent Garden Centres:

Jean & Lucy Nixon – Thetford Garden Centre

“Andy has been an integral member of our leadership team here at Thetford for many years, typically spending one or two days a month with us. In the early days he supported us by analysing the business and helping us to develop our long term vision along with consequent re-structuring. These days he provides insight into our commercial, trading and operations activities. He chairs our Board Meetings and advises us on industry changes and development; in essence performing the role of a non-executive director. Our business has continued to grow and strengthen with Andy’s ongoing contribution.”

Phil Barnden & Jon Hoare – Woodcote Green Nurseries

“We worked with Andy over many years as a privately owned independent garden centre. He supported us closely in creating our own strategic development plan which helped us focus our efforts on developing the site, our offer, how we did business and our team. Andy visited regularly to constructively critique the operation, challenge us as a leadership team, update the plan and then communicate it widely to all our colleagues. In addition, he acted as the catalyst to develop our own range review programme and was instrumental in training this out to the buying team. His input over this time helped us become one of the leading, largest and most profitable garden centres in the country. We still consider him as the 5th Beatle!”

Tim Godwin – Fosseway Garden Centre#

“I have known Andy for over 10 years, and have always been impressed by his business logic and understanding of garden centre retailing. I would highly recommend using Andy to help sort out the running of your business; from using him as a 'sounding board' to helping putting a plan together.”

Steve Friend – Burston Garden Centre# (1)

“I can safely say that our decision to focus on range management and an ongoing structured range review process, was a good decision. It has struck exactly the right chord with my key people here, and the processes, skills, simple evaluation principles and judgement considerations that Andy has advocated have helped me to develop a whole new sales and marketing culture. The initial training courses were incredibly important, but now that Andy has been working one-to-one with the team, real benefits are coming through. I also greatly appreciate the fact that Andy is always willing to discuss all manner of general management issues with us, and his input is always very welcome.”

Steve Friend – Burston Garden Centre# (2)

“Bearing in mind, I think we were a fairly professional team already, there is nonetheless a greater awareness and appreciation amongst our team leaders of their space, profitability, budgeting, marketing, reacting and action planning for change, attention to detail, and most important, the realisation that ‘range review’ is constant. I realise we have not fully mastered any of the issues raised in that last huge sentence, but the increased enthusiasm for discussing them, and renewed desire to improve, are the areas in which I owe Andy particular recognition and thanks.”

Garden Centre Groups:

Mike Burks – The Gardens Group

“Andy has helped us with a number of our training and development needs in recent years. This has included planning and presenting sessions with managers and supervisors as well as the team in conjunction with senior managers. The sessions are well thought out, challenging and the interaction with attendees is excellent. He then summarises the feedback to complete the package. I can thoroughly recommend his services.”

Ally Moseley – Fairways Garden Centres

“At Fairways we have used Andy’s services a number of times, to review and benchmark our business against garden centre industry levels, leading on to a more strategic approach to how we plan our business. This acted as a catalyst to focus greater efforts on our buying approach and how we manage stock, for which Andy coached our team very effectively. He has also worked with us to create and implement a bespoke customer care package known internally as ‘The Fair way” which has worked very well for us. Andy has always brought a new and different way of approaching business challenges and I am very happy to recommend him personally.”

Dennis Espley – Squires Garden Centres#

"Andy has carried out technical management training for our colleagues. The sessions were well received and gave everyone a good insight on the topics of stock management, customer service and selling skills."

Wholesale Nurseries:

Will Tooby – Bransford Webbs

“Andy Campbell is an inspiring professional who brings fresh air and clarity to our industry in these times of ever increasing rates of change. Like a good wine highly recommended."

Andrew Richardson – Johnsons of Whixley

“Johnsons last used Andy’s services at our annual strategy meeting, this takes the form of a 'think tank' for all of our directors. At this meeting we formalise the future direction of the business, and usually invite an outside consultant to the meeting with specialist knowledge in that particular area. During the meeting we found Andy’s wide knowledge of the retail market invaluable. With Andy's help we were able to formulate our strategy for selling into the retail market.”

John Tugman – Farplants#

“When considering the supply chain and in particular the interface between retailers and suppliers, Andy has a rare ability to provide advice which is highly appropriate to both large and small businesses. He is also an excellent listener and acts as a catalyst for stimulating new approaches to age old issues."

Gardening Suppliers:

Paris Natar – Smart Garden Products

"As one of the UK's major suppliers of garden and pet products to the retail sector, we involved Andy in several key range reviews each year, for several years. His keen intellect, coupled with many years of senior experience as a buying controller at Homebase enabled him to add tremendous value to our process. Our management team benefited greatly from his input and many of his suggestions were ultimately and successfully implemented. I have no hesitation in strongly recommending Andy to others requiring expert assistance in the fields of garden, DIY or pet product marketing."

Paris Natar – Gardman#

“I have no hesitation in strongly recommending Andy to any UK gardening or horticultural business, having worked with him on several projects. In particular he has played a pivotal role in our annual range review programme. He attended the meetings for all key product groups. His participation was invaluable given not only his previous experience at a senior level within Homebase, but also his wide knowledge of the gardening industry as a whole. I am referring specifically to his extensive supply chain and retailing skills. I have no doubt that Andy will prosper as a consultant to our Industry and I for one will certainly be using his services again at the first opportunity. Others should do the same - it will be money well spent.”

Charitable Organisations:

Jamie Osborne - Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, Wakehurst

"Andy did an excellent job for us at Wakehurst, developing a unique trading model for our newly refurbished plant centre. This recognises the special nature of the landscape here and the diverse range of visitors we receive every year. In addition, Andy supports the team operationally on the ground to ensure we extract maximum value from the organisation’s investment. Drawing on his specialist knowledge and expertise, Andy was also engaged to undertake a specific project for the whole organisation to review and recommend a peat-free plant supply strategy expediently within retail."

John Canessa – Shaw Trust#

“We were introduced to Andy through personal recommendation and decided to tap in to his skills to address a specific challenge with our existing garden centre to improve commercial and operational performance. With his significant industry knowledge and understanding Andy quickly ‘cut to the chase’ to identify the specific business issues that needed to be addressed. We were impressed with how he approached the project, recognised the unique requirements of our charitable purpose and took the whole team along with him. Andy was involved in the implementation of the new model on an interim basis whilst the business was re-structured and then again following a successful re-launch, when we explored the acquisition of additional garden centre outlets.”

Trade Associations:

Alex Jenkins – HTA

“Andy has worked as a consultant for the HTA for many years and has built strong working relationships with our membership. He has led our Retail Development Forum (RDF) and several different Business Improvement Schemes (BIS), providing professional support, sales data analysis and business improvement coaching. The groups Andy works with speak highly of his professionalism and respect his input. Andy’s experience and industry knowledge is invaluable and make his consultancy a valued part of our BIS schemes."

Iain Wylie – GCA#

“Andy has been an integral member of the GCA inspection team for over 15 years and has played an important part in the continued development of our inspection process. A vital part of this role is to deliver encouraging and inspirational presentations at area meetings, area awards evenings and our annual conference and he has become very accomplished at this. Andy has supported the GCA in many different ways over the years including workshops and national competition judging including both Christmas and plant area competitions. His understanding of garden centre retailing is extensive and he is well respected by our members for his professionalism, commercial outlook and positivity which comes through strongly in his communication skills and when delivering constructive feedback.”

Carol Marks – Bord Bia

"In 2005 Andy Campbell Consulting tendered and successfully won the contract to adjudicate the Bord Bia Garden Centre Awards Programme across Ireland. Andy continued with this very professionally for over 10 years having quickly gained credibility with the participants in the scheme. Over the life of this programme it was widely regarded as a highly valuable tool for raising retail standards and commercial disciplines significantly within the Irish garden centre industry. This is thanks in no small part to Andy’s commitment, interpersonal skills and specialist expertise."

Tim Briercliffe – HTA#

“Since entering this market as an independent consultant Andy has used his extensive experience in retailing to assist many businesses in the sector. He does this for the HTA in running a number of successful Business Improvement Scheme groups. Andy is knowledgeable and efficient with the important ability of being able to communicate improvement requirements in a clear yet sensitive manner.”

Andrew Maxted – HTA#

“We at the HTA have been delighted to work with Andy Campbell on a range of initiatives, including the ‘Competing for Growth’ programme providing strategic advice to independent garden retailers. Andy has brought his considerable experience and incisive thinking to this project and has worked with us to help garden centre operators and other HTA members apply the ‘Competing for Growth’ approach for the benefit of their own businesses.”

Gillie Westwood – GCA#

“Andy has worked with the GCA on a number of initiatives including summer training workshops and national competition judging. He is a regular contributor to our annual conferences and is one of the approved inspectors for our members. Andy always approaches everything he takes on with enthusiasm and professionalism and is very well respected within the industry.”

Peter Marsh – GIMA#

“Andy knows the UK garden market, how it works, how people interact, and what makes them tick. He has great experience from both sides of the divide, as the managing buyer for a leading DIY national multiple, and as an adviser/consultant for suppliers and growers, especially in respect of their management structures and selling techniques. He is a first class trainer. He is thoroughly honest and dependable, and a most likeable person.”

In association with:

Boyd Douglas-Davies – President HTA#

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Andy since the early ‘90s and working with him on many occasions. He has an ability to step in to any situation, analyse it and help you see a way forward. His understanding of the product journey and the processes needed to achieve profitable sales is outstanding. He’s always worked well with every team I have brought him into and delivered results in excess of expectations and always ahead of schedule.”

Paul Pleydell – PleydellSmithyman

“We have worked closely with Andy on numerous projects over recent years and his structured, pragmatic and yet strongly commercial approach consistently delivers improved results for our mutual clients. Andy's specialist yet broad experience in operational garden retailing, makes him a valued consultant for anyone looking to improve their business. Most importantly he is results focused and we have seen the benefits he brings to our clients. We enjoy working with Andy as he brings a positive and yet challenging perspective to every project ensuring the best commercial return for the client.”

Mike Gilbert & Allen Evans – Gilbert Evans

“Garden centre values are closely aligned with trading performance and potential. We have worked with Andy Campbell Consulting on a number of collaborative projects combining consultancy and valuation advice. Andy’s contribution by reference to his extensive garden centre retail expertise has helped underpin the credibility of our own professional advice.”

Duncan Foyle – The FD Centre

"Andy and I have worked together with a joint garden centre client and I have found him to be both knowledgeable and insightful. He understands the business mechanics of the sector, has significant empathy with his clients who respect his guidance and input into the operational and long term strategic planning of the business. Andy is an engaging character who I have very much enjoyed working with over the last two years.”