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Andy Campbell Consulting

The first choice for many of the gardening industry’s leading players

Garden Centre Consultants since 2001


Since setting up in 2001, Andy Campbell Consulting has worked with over 180 different clients, from smaller family owned and managed retailers through to larger scale corporate businesses; across the UK and Ireland, with numerous speaking events overseas. More than 250 assignments have been successfully completed, ranging from short term tactical projects through to long term strategic campaigns.

With some clients we are now working with the next generation after starting with the founder, supporting the transition and transfer of the business from one generation to the next. Below is just a selection from our broad portfolio of one-off and ongoing clients, both past and present.

If after reviewing this website you believe there is the possibility of a good fit between our two businesses in the future, please get in touch. Client references available on request.

Trade Press:

Over the last 20 years numerous informational articles have been written for the following trade media/publications: Gardenforum, Garden Trade News, Horticulture Week, HTA News, Garden Centre Retail, Garden Centre Update, Planteria, Horticulture Connected, Christmas Magazine, Nurseryman & Garden Centre, Grower, Garden Centre Monthly and Gardening & DIY Retailer.

Example articles:

  1. Space: The Final Frontier for Profit
  2. Under the Retail Microscope
  3. The Learning Zone
  4. An award winning plant area
  5. Balanced buyer-seller relationships
  6. The business of growing: High quality service
  7. An insight into the competition
  8. UK multiple retailers - their future strategy
  9. Coping with change
  10. Campbell's Quarterly

 Andy is the author of the ‘Selling Plants Profitably’ booklet on behalf of the HTA, click here

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